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Manhole Systems was incorporated in Ohio in 1983 with the intent of producing a quality riser ring for the resurfacing industry.

Historically, manhole covers have been raised manually - a very time consuming and labor intensive procedure.

The regular use of riser rings, more specifically, adjustable riser rings, was an idea whose time had come. Municipalities told us they wanted quality and durability. Contractors said they needed service. Without being told, we knew cost was a factor with both groups. We made our rules: Build the highest quality riser ring that would be practical for cities to use. Design a ring with staying power. Provide custom work realizing that one size does not fit all. Work with paving contractors to meet their demanding schedules.

Our company has grown steadily because the design of our risers reflect not only the incorporation of these principles but also our customers' input. We give our customers what they want at a fair price.

We are here today because of the quality of our riser rings and the service we provide. Like our risers, we intend to remain the industry leader.



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